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завидная мореходность для из-за горезонта

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09.05.2012 18:00:00
The General Dynamics Land Systems EFV is an amphibious armored tracked...
The General Dynamics Land Systems EFV is an amphibious armored tracked vehicle with an aluminum hull. The EFV has a crew of 3pax and can transport 17 Marines and their equipment.

The aluminum hull has caused some controversy due to protection and flammability concerns. However, aluminum hulls have been used for decades in military ground vehicles and boats. The rear loading ramp is not able to open while the vehicle is afloat. This is also typical of other swimming military ground vehicles. For example, the M113 is another armored military ground vehicle the US currently is using that swims. It also has an aluminum hull, and its rear ramp cannot open while the vehicle is afloat.

The engine is a custom MTU Friedrichshafen diesel (MT883) with two modes of operation; a high power mode for planing over the sea, and a low power mode for land travel.

The hull has a hydraulically actuated bow flap to aid planing. Shrouded Honeywell waterjet propulsors are integrated into each side of the hull and hydraulically actuated chines cover the tracks while in seafaring mode.

The Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) is the newest USMC amphibious vehicle, intended for deployment in 2015.

This vehicle is an amphibious armored personnel carrier; launched at sea, from an amphibious assault ship beyond the horizon, able to transport a full Marine rifle squad to shore. It will maneuver cross country with an agility and mobility equal to or greater than the M1 Abrams.

The EFV is designed to replace the aging AAV, and is the Marine Corps' number one priority ground weapon system acquisition.

The EFV has 3 times the speed in water and about twice the armor of the AAV, and superior firepower as well.
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