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пистолет 7x5mm

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More info at: http://www.zahal.org/ The Gilboa™ line was specifical...
More info at: http://www.zahal.org/
The Gilboa™ line was specifically developed to provide a superior modern assault rifle. The Gilboa upper and lower receivers are fully machined from aircraft grade aluminum (7075) and hard anodized, resulting in a stronger weapon with no dimensional inconsistencies. Both structural strength and reliability have been improved by the redesigning of the proven platform. The Gilboa™ is manufactured using state of the art processes ensuring quality and dependability under the most extreme conditions. All Gilboa rifles are supplied with a military grade 1:7 chrome lined barrel unless otherwise requested. Gilboa rifles are typically manufactured in 5.56 NATO. Additional available calibers: 7.62x51, 7.62x39 and 9mm.
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